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"How To Become a Property Scout Today"


We are a real estate investment company and we love investing in our home town. This means

we enjoy buying, managing and selling houses locally, and getting to help a lot of good people in the

process with a track record of very happy people we’ve helped move on from their house quickly and



In this area today, houses are typically on the market for an uncomfortable amount of time

sometimes sitting up to a year or more before being sold. So often someone who really needs to sell

fast just needs a better, easier solution.


By buying the property fast, as-is, and at a sensible discount, we can help save a homeowner:


· Agent Commission amounting to thousands of dollars.


· Repair Costs we typically buy houses in as-is” condition, warts and all.


· Time to Show the House no need to painstakingly keep their house “show-ready” or

hassle with multiple, inconvenient showings every week.


· Painful Negotiation Process this can go days or even weeks with offers and counter-

offers shuffled back-and-forth through agents. Instead we make a solid, win-win offer &

close fast.


· Stress We can typically put a house under contract easily within 24 hrs. or less.

Bottom line, we bring solutions where everyone wins. We’re not right for everyone’s

circumstance, but we’re the perfect option for many people. And we live in a large area and we need help finding those people.


This is where you come in!


 Our Teamwork Property Finder Program:


This Teamwork Program is really simple.

(1) You let us know about a homeowner you’ve found or maybe who’s found you) who is seriously motivated in some way to sell their property.


(2) we  pay you $1,000.00 if we decide to move forward in buying the property.


It’s just that simple really. We’re aiming to buy around three-to-five new properties per month, so

this really a first-rate opportunity for you to make some serious money helping refer them to us.


We’re looking for single-family homes, townhomes, or condos. By sharing solid leads on just 4

properties per month, you could earn $4,000.00 not bad for part-time, right??


We take care of all the paperwork. Just read through this training guide, then start tracking down

properties that match our criteria.


When you find a property with potential, simply submit it to us on our website and we’ll take it from there.

We keep you updated along the way, so you know exactly we are in the process.


This is really a perfect opportunity for some part-time or weekend work, and if you’re interested in

learning about real estate investing, well there’s just no better way to start. In fact, many full-timers out making money referring properties just like this.


We feel that real estate investing can be a truly extraordinary path to financial freedom, and the

knowledge and insights you’ll gain working with us (and learning the mind of the investor) could well be your first step toward earning your own financial freedom.


The remainder of this training guide will cover everything you need to know so you can get

started right away. You’ll also find some more (multimedia) training and helpful house-finding tips on our website.


Why Become a Property Scout?


Great question, here’s a few reasons you should seriously favor making money this way:


1) You can really do this in just your spare time.


2) You get real-life, hands-on real estate investing experience (without the risk).


3) This is do-able with no money or even good credit.


4) There’s absolutely zero financial risk for you.


5) You can “test-drive” real estate investing and see if it’s even a good fit for you (without

spending hundreds or thousands of $$ on expensive courses or seminars).


6) It’s a relatively easy way to make some solid money.

Your job is simply to share good-quality leads, 

and we’ll completely handle the rest of the process to “payday”.

We just can’t think of an easier way you could learn something new, make solid $$$$,

and even help your community at the same time.


Motivated Home Sellers


To turn a property lead into a successful purchase, we should really only work with highly

motivated home sellers. 

More than any other, this is the key principle that will bring you success as a Property Scout.


We specialize in working with property owners whose #1 burning need right now is to sell their

property they just need O-U-T.


This could mean they’re facing a time-sensitive situation, maybe financial duress or even great emotional stress.


Some examples of these situations are:


1) Problems making mortgage payments: This is a big reason people may need to sell. While

finding these people isn’t obvious, some indicators are delinquent taxes, bankruptcy, and

houses in great disrepair. What happens if they continue to not make their payments? The

bank forecloses, they lose their home, and they’re thrown into a world of financial trouble.

Their best option may be to sell fast and walk away.


2) Inherited a house, don’t want / can’t afford: Often the heirs of an estate that contains

property just need to liquidate the property quickly and move on. Sometimes cash could be a

lot more help than suddenly owning (and renovating) an extra house.


3) Recently divorced, just want to move on: No one plans on getting a divorce but,

unfortunately, situations can change. Often, the house becomes the responsibility of one

individual who can’t make the payments by him/herself or just want to move on.


4) Moving, must sell fast: Work or family situations force people to have to move in a hurry. In

which case, selling fast is usually an essential.


5) House just won’t sell: Many people see their house languishing week after week, month

after month on the market with little-to-no interest. When their listing agreement expires with

agent, they have little clue what to do next. 

Just re-listing it again and again is often a costly, poor decision.


6) Tired landlords: Many landlords are just tired. After dealing with a series of problem tenants,

they’re just fed up with the headaches and ready to sell out.


7) A vacant property: Houses can be vacant for many reasons, and we’ve found owners of

these gems-in-the-rough are often willing to negotiate a sale.


The very best lead you could share with us is one where the owner is in one of the above

categories, has a lot of equity in the property (equity is the difference between the market value of the

property and the amount the owner owes on his/her mortgage), and needs to sell right away.


For people in situations such as these, we are the fastest, easiest solution, and they’ll be thanking you and us for helping them out!


* Equity:

(The difference between the

market value of the property

and the amount the owner

owes on his or her mortgage)


Finding Motivated Sellers


You may already have some friends, family members, or colleagues who we could help. Great!

Let us know today! But you only know so many people first-hand, so you’ll definitely want to utilize some of our proven, property-finding tactics.


So you’ll need to be willing to invest some of your time and maybe a little money sometimes to

attract solid property leads worth referring, but that shouldn’t be any surprise.


The resources you have available to you are unique and different than our other Property Scout, so we’ll offer you a a few solid, proven “lead magnets” you can choose from.


Marketing is an essential concept for you here. Without marketing (i.e. getting the word out), few

people will know we’re here to help.


The fact is, there are a lot of highly motivated sellers out there, but they just don’t know who to call.


So, we have two options:


1. We can try to track these people down


2. We can let them (help them) find us


Both strategies work, but it’s generally easier to let motivated sellers find you than for you to track

them down. And how do they find you? Marketing, marketing & more marketing.


One note: we only want to deal directly with homeowners. If a property is listed with a real estate

agent, in most cases please just pass on it. Agents have a hard job and are working hard for their



History’s taught us listed properties aren’t where most of our deals come from, and we don’t want

to step on any toes.


Properties That Fit Us Well


We find most of our properties in blue collar neighborhoods where the majority of homes are 20 years old or older.

Our ideal property is typically 3-bedroom/2-bath or 3-bedroom/1-bath, between 900 and 1800 sq ft, and has a block structure (i.e. brick or cinder block).


The home will typically be in need of a good deal of repair or cleanup. Our favorite zip codes are in GA, North & South Carolina, NY & NJ, but will buy in any area if it is a good deal.


If you have a property in mind, but it doesn’t exactly fit our ideal specifications that’s fine! Deals

come in all shapes and sizes, so submit it to us anyway and we’ll do what we ca


Worthwhile Marketing Ideas


Let’s talk about some different marketing ideas. Some of these strategies will require an understanding of the ideal types of neighborhoods and properties that result in most of our deals.

We’ve labeled each of the following strategies with icons denoting the time and money investments they require.


- Flyers –


These are really a fantastic (and inexpensive) way to spread the word. In your “back office”

online, you can download and use one of our original marketing flyers that’s worked great for us.


Feel free to print it out as many times as you’d like. Even use neon paper (orange, yellow, or green) that draws attention from a distance.

You can hand it out to neighbors, post it at public bulletin boards, drop it off at laundromats, bus stops, coffee shops, etc.


- Business Cards –


You could pass these out to everyone you meet, leave them at restaurants, put them in your bills

that you mail off when you pay them, etc.


Try setting a goal of handing out 5 biz cards per day! Feel free to design and print your own business cards or use a service like 


The message on the card should be similar to the message on the flyer. It’s basically your flyer in pocket form.


Remember that all it takes is one card to make you $1,000!


- Print Ads –


These are the ads you see in the local newspaper classifieds. You could purchase a series of ads to run every weekend. They’re something like:



555-555-5555                       555-555-555


Bandit Signs –


You’ve probably seen them driving down the road. They are the ones that say something like “I BUY HOUSES” or “STOP FORECLOSURE.”


These signs tend to work very well. They typically cost around $1 to $2 each depending on where and how many you buy.


A lot of companies out there make these signs, including:


And there are others for sure. Many online sites require a minimum (50 or 100 signs), so you can

check with local sign shops if you prefer.


But hand-down, the most effective signs are 18” x 24” plastic corrugated and hand-written. And

you can really just buy the blank corrugated plastic from Home Depot or somewhere similar, and hand-

write the message on there with a big, fat Sharpie marker.


They should have white or bright colored background and bold lettering. 

Make sure the phone number is big enough that people can read it as they drive by,

but the signs should be placed near intersections where people tend to slow down or stop.


You should also try to keep track of specifically where you place your signs marketing them on

a map (an actual, paper one) can be great for this.

You may want to check with the city/county before putting them out. In most areas, you can put them out Friday evening

and take them down Sunday evening.


- Internet Scanning –


Websites such as,, and have motivated sellers posting their houses all the time!

Look for key words such as motivated, must sell, and FSBO.



Newspaper Scanning –


You probably already read the Sunday paper, so just take a few more minutes to scan the houses

for sale. Again, look for key words like motivated, must sell, and FSBO.


- Direct Mail


We send letters to homeowners in pre-foreclosure, bankruptcy, property tax delinquency, and other situations.

We get tremendous response from our mailers. This simply requires:


· Pulling a list from a trusted online source


· Cleaning the list based on our criteria


· Merging the list with our pre-written letters


· Folding, stuffing, addressing, stamping, and sending the letters


If you’re interested in sending direct mail, simply contact us. We’ll provide you with the website

where you’ll find the lists, instructions on cleaning the list, and our pre-written letters.

Each letter will have your unique ID# so you’ll receive credit for any leads that result.


- Door Hangers –


This is a great strategy that gets strong response simply because homeowners cannot miss

them. Door hangers can be purchased from


Ideally, you’ll want two-sided hangers, preferably in color. The front should be vivid and attention-grabbing with a brief headline.


The back should provide all the details about who and how we can help,along with contact information. Again, use the above flyer as a template for the information on your hangers.


We’ve found the perfect time to distribute door hangers is mid-day when most people are at work.


You may want to use a map to keep track of the areas you have covered. Be sure to take note of the

ideal neighborhood and property profile described above.


Driving for Dollars –


Do you know of any vacant or “distressed” homes on in the area? Think there might be?

Just write down the address and a brief description of the home, snap a quick photo, then submit the info to us the next time you’re at a computer.


Do you drive the same route to work every day? Try a different route or two and keep scouting

for houses that might be a solid fit for our criteria. Some common symptoms are overgrown yards, rusty cars in the yard, overflowing mailboxes, hand-written FSBO signs, broken windows, etc.


If all the properties in the area exhibit these kinds of symptoms, it’s not typically a good sign.

But if it’s a single property surrounded by several other decent houses, then you may be looking at a deal.


A common rule in real estate is to try to find “the worst house in the best neighborhood.” How about garage sales?

These happen every weekend in the summer and often mean the homeowner is moving.


Consider just stopping by and asking if they’ll be selling their house or if they

know of any neighbors who may be interested in doing so it might be a solid lead!


It’s a good idea to print out several of the lead sheets at the end of this guide. Then when you

run across a vacant, distressed, or available home as you’re out & about, just fill in as many blanks on the sheet as you can.


Remember, each vacant or distressed home you share could mean $1,000 to you!


- Car Magnets –


We consider these “moving bandit signs.” These are magnets that contain our company information and phone number, and we offer different payment for this form of marketing.


As you can see, there are several marketing options available, and there’s an option for every budget and time commitment.

And by no means is this list exhaustive. If you can think of new, creative ways to find motivated sellers, just let us know and go ahead and do it.


The important thing to keep in mind with each of these strategies is that you’re not spending time and money, you’re investing it with strong potential for great return.


We want you to be successful, and we’ll equip you as best we can with the tools & strategies to do so!


Submitting Leads


This is the important part. To let us know about motivated sellers we may be able to help, visit

our Property Finder Program online, login to your “back office” and click the “Submit Property” link.


You’ll see a simple property submission form there for you to fill out. And naturally, the more information you can provide, the better.


While submitting your property lead, you’ll also be able upload photos so we can see the property

this will help us more quickly assess the property’s general condition and determine a solid strategy for moving forward.


Generally, uploading photos just speed up the entire process and help us get you paid sooner than later.


After submitting a property for us to consider, you’ll receive an email verification of your

submission, and follow-up emails as we review the lead and update its status.


Unsuccessful Leads


For various reasons, we won’t be able to move forward on every, single opportunity you bring us.

In these cases, either the property wasn’t a good fit itself, or maybe the seller wasn’t truly motivated or we just couldn’t agree to terms, so the deal didn’t work.

That’s okay, it happens all the time. Don’t let it discourage you. Just think, “Next!”


We really want you to be quite successful with your property finding endeavors, so just keep

learning and submitting those leads. Remember that the more you bring us, the greater your chance of success.


In each case, you’ll be updated on the status of the property, and we’ll try to provide you as much information as possible on why the deal didn’t work.


Getting Paid


Again, we will pay you $1,000.00 for each lead you submit if we decide to move forward in purchasing the property.

As an independent contractor you will get paid on the day we buy the home.


Our attorney will cut you a check from the proceeds.


We will gladly mail your payments to the address you provided when you registered to be a

Property Scout or you can pick it up directly at the attorney’s office.


Your Commitment


As a Property Scout with our program, we aim to build a long-term, mutually beneficial  relationship with you.

But realize this: You can quit at any time. Try applying for a normal job and having an opportunity like this.

We just ask that if you begin to feel the program is no longer a fit for you, please keep us in the loop and let us know.


Let’s Get Started!


This training guide has provided you with everything you need to get started right away.

The biggest threat to your success at this point is “analysis paralysis,” or overanalyzing to the point where you don’t take any action.

This is really a simple opportunity with rich potential for extraordinary financial reward. 

And a no-risk way you can learn a little bit about real estate investing.

Most of all, it should be fun!


If there’s anything we can clarify to get you on your way, please contact me by email or phone at any time.


We look forward to teaming with you to help better our community through real estate solutions!




Mr. Righteous-Life

Call/Text: 704-980-9865

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